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Thank you for the accurate email trace. You helped me trace the exact origin of the email and find the guy who owed my Dad money. I ordered two more traces, I am recommending you to all my friends.
-- Jon
Thank you for the wonderful customer service, We will be using this service often, as it will be helpful to so many things that we do. Your search results are more accurate and current than most other services we have tried. You helped me find my long lost Uncle. MY mom is so happy now. The best birthday gift I could get her. Thank you again.
-- L. Beyer
I was getting malicious emails from an unknown source. I tried many different sources to trace and locate the source of the emails without any success. Then I found Abika.com through Google and they traced the sources of the emails for me. The sender was so surprised when I send her an email identifying her that I have not got any more from her since then. Guess that thought her a lesson.
--K. Lindsey
I did a psychological profile on someone a few months ago with you. By the way, you guys do a great job! VERY ACCURATE! I'll be using you again in the future.
--T. H
Thank you Abika.com. I tried every State Agency and organization to help me find my sons father without any success. You found his deadbeat dad within a matter of days.
Thank you for locating the user of an IP address. Your search helped me win my court case.
--J. Rogers
Abika.com, I appreciate your honesty and business ethics. of the many services i've tried (i.e., property search websites), you are the first to conduct your business with this much integrity and customer respect. I appreciate your efforts, and will certainly recommend you to others.
--S. Wessler
I used your services to find his birthday, we knew the year but couldn�t find the day and month. You did and we surprised him on his 60th birthday!!! He was surprised and delighted!!! Thanks so much.
-- L. C.
Thank you very much for your search. You were exactly 'on the money'. We have made contact.
--B. V.
I'll be sure to use you again in the future and refer people to you if they need any information on any people they want to check out. Thank you again,
--S. J.
Good work.  This information is very helpful.
--C. D
Thank you your service will be highly recommended to anyone.
--D. D.
I know this person well and your psychological profile report is exactly describes him.
--M. K.

Abika.com saved me from making a terrible mistake; they saved me from marrying the wrong person for me. If I would not have had the resources that Abika.com provided me I would have surely made the biggest mistake of my life.  The psychological profile, I cannot tell my friends enough about it, when I ran it on "my new want-to-be husband," who thought that just being a dr. was enough, phewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! It was so on the money that the man it was undeniable to he himself.  Abika.com" psyche profile, just cuts to the chase, the profile on the fianc� was so on target and amazing, I had to run it on myself, and when it finally came so quickly thru my email, I was almost afraid to open it, thinking it would tell me something I didn't want to know. phewwwww! Equally as amazing. The psyche profile now lead me to believe why I was being stalked, I found out he was married. The phone search also proved itself well, as that after obtaining a tel. phone no. I now knew where the calls were coming from. And the internet stalking the email trace, led me to the same person. Who knows what this person had planned for me, as that they went as far as to follow me and attack me. But Abika.com enabled me to stop it in its tracks. When I could not get the answers I needed form gov. enforcement, Abika.com got them for me.  Best of all, working with Abika.com, I felt like I had a friend working for me. I felt they were looking out for my interest the whole time and the response not only to Abika.com's search timely manner in obtaining the information as they promise, but also the response to emails and phone calls were more than customer friendly and efficient. Abika.com really listens to their clients, if there was something I needed and they did not have it available, the next thing you would know, when you turn to the web page, there it was, immediately found the means to add it to their services. they even goes the extra mile to save their clients money, as that when you require certain pieces of information, they will tell you the best plan to obtain the most information for the least amount of money. And if a search came up negative, Abika.com immediately refunds the clients money. And at times, re run the searches at a later date, with no added cost to me. This is a business service that wants to keep its customers happy. I like that.
-- R. Pallante

--B. M.
I ordered a psychological profile of my boyfriend from your service and was frankly amazed.....
-- A. Townes

thank you, you have helped me a few days ago and i must say i am 100% completely satisfied with the results, the turn around time and your great customer service..
  --S. C.
By the way - I want to thank Abika-he confessed to seeing her for the past 2 years...I could not have gotten the confession out of him without you starting me on the right path. Thanks so much. I am sad, but relieved to know the truth after 2 years of agony, knowing this was going on, but unable to get the truth. Thanks again - I am forever grateful to Abika, and will use your services as much as I need to!
Over the years I have used many different information providers for gaining information in assisting me with verifications for my business. Abika.com stands out as the best I have ever worked with. 1-Accurate Information 2-Wide Range of Sources 3-Quality Customer Service. They are never to busy to help out and always return calls in a prompt time frame. Thank you Abika.com. Keep up the excellent work!
-- R. Oguz.
I have lived with this man for 7 years. The psychological profile is very very accurate..
--S. H.
Hello. I am impressed by your site thus far. Thank you for your swift handling of both my search and this follow up message. Should things work out as anticipated, you can count on me becoming a regular customer, for certain.
--R. W.
I got the results from your unconventional behavior search and you hit it on the head. It is exactly what I thought.
-- R. M.
...They were right on the mark on what type of women I like. How did they know that I smoke and that I hate bickering and people who shirk work.
-- Adam Orr

I just want to say how on point you are with the psych profile. Thanks, it was worth it.
The county report was much more detailed and very helpful. You have no idea how much you have helped me. There is a minor child involved and I felt this person was potentially dangerous. This search verified my concerns and now I can get the necessary help and protection for my child. Thank you very much..
-- B. C
Thank you very much. Awesome customer service. Thanks again
--M. Williams
I ordered an e-mail trace and let me thank you for your results, as they significantly narrowed down the suspects I had in mind.
  --A. H
Thank you for the information. I got everything I needed. My ex-wife moved and, in direct violation of a court order, would not disclose her new address so that I could have access to our children. With your help I found them in a couple of days. Thank you again.
-- P. DeMarco
I thank you and your company for all that you have done. You have no idea how you have helped a particular situation.
--S. H.
You guys are great. Your IP trace results gave me the exact location and I am extremely happy with your service. I like that I am able to reach you on the phone, whenever I want.
Thanks and you guys are awesome. I have had several searches from this website.
  --C. F
You have a very useful and well organized site which provides much needed services.
  --J. D
(Reference: background and personality profile). Thank you. I'm very pleased and it is fairly accurate.
  --K. F
Hello! I love the service that you provide and I have ordered a couple of searches.
Thank you Abika. Thank you so much for helping me find my wife.
-- R. Cunningham
Thank you very much for your prompt and HONEST response. If I have any local research, I would not hesitate to buy through your company.
-- D. Williams
I am very impressed with your psychological profiles!....Your description of the subject, for instance, rings true even from when I knew her twenty-some years ago.
--J. C
Thank you so much for your help...Its always a pleasure working with you!!
--B. H
Thank you Abika...you were a tremendous help.
-- K. R.
Hey these guys are amazing. The profile they sent me told me that this girl I liked would give me her phone number if I asked. And thats what she exactly did. I cant believe it....
-- D. Mitchell
My friend is surprised as to how her psychological profile pointed out that she also finds women attractive.....
  -- V. Trickett



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