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Search Criminal Records by State, County or Federal
Nationwide and Worldwide Civil & Criminal records search
Find criminal & civil cases, judgments, Filing dates, Closing dates, Filing types, Case Numbers, Party Names, Case Summaries, Attorney Names, charges, convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sentences, incarceration records, sex offender records, court dockets, dispositions, pending or dismissed cases, lawsuits, verdicts, wants, warrants. Police reports, USA 50 states and Washington DC criminal court records.

Tax Records, Mortgage and Lien Records, Evictions
Home Values, Property Photos & Sales History
  Find tax records including  tax assessor (latest tax roll) and transfers (deed transfers), property photos, land & legal info, seller histories. Instant property records search. Lookup Liens, claims on property.

Lookup IP Address. Email, Instant Messenger Name, Websites, Domains
  Lookup email, Instant Message, IP, city, state, country, longitude, latitude, possible street. Website or Domain Name Background, Domain Name Background. New email or IM Name from old.

Background Checks, Personality Profiles
Criminal Records, Court Records, Aliases, Education
Personality traits, Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies,
Birth Dates, Names of Relatives, Roommates, Neighbors
Current Address & 30 year history, Police Reports
Property Ownership, Employment Status, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments

Traffic Violations, License Plate, Driving History
Trace Cars, Drivers License, Vehicle History Reports
Traffic Violations, Name, Address, License Plate Number, Insurance Status, Driving record, license type, driving status, driving restrictions, infractions, Car Histories, Vehicles registered to a name or address. Title histories, Verify Drivers Licenses.

Monitor your identity, Identity theft Protection
  Get daily monitoring of your identity. IDWatch monitors your credit report, address history, aliases, background information and more to help you determine if you are at risk for identity theft and alerts you of any changes in your public records, information in commercial databases and suspicious activity within your identity in real time, before you become a victim of identity theft.

Phone Number Search, Phone Number Lookup,
Cell Phone, Caller ID & Directory Assistance
  Search telephone, fax, payphone, voip, mobile, cell phone, toll free or pager directories, phone book white and yellow pages worldwide. Phone searches only search publicly available resources.

Lookup Pictures, Videos, Photos, Lookup photos at various ages
  Search pictures, videos, photos. Verify name or DOB through picture.
Lookup copies of Judgments, Case Files, Settlements, Evidence Files & other Court Documents

  Judgments, Rulings, Settlements, Evidence, Convictions, Briefs, Motions, filings and any other court documents that is on the court record. Available for all state, federal & local court in the USA

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