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Monitor your Identity
Get daily monitoring of your identity including your credit report, address history, aliases, background info and get alerts of any suspicious activity within your identity in real time before you become a victim of identity theft.
Search Police Reports
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Criminal Records
Civil Court Records
Driving Violations, Traffic Courts

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  Names & Addresses of Banks within a Zip Code!
  Returns the Names and Address of all Banks within a Zip Code.
  Names & Addresses of Mail Drop facilities within a Zip Code!
  Returns the Names and Address of all Mail drop facilities such as places where P. O. Boxes can be rented within a zip code.
  Names & Addresses of Self Storage facilities within a Zip Code!
  Returns the Names and Address of Self storage facilities such as places where people can rent storage space within a zip code.
  Phone Company Identifier
  With number portability it has become harder to find out the phone company of a current phone number. This search returns the current phone company of any phone number.
  Search your *Town/City!
(USA & Canada only)
Who is your town's Richest Person?
  Who is the highest paid Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant in your town?
  The Owner and Address of the most expensive house in your town?
  Who is the tallest person in your town?
  Who is the fattest person in your town?
  Couple with the longest marriage in your town?
Get Demographic data for any location in the US or Canada.
  Demographics by City, State, County or Zip Code.
  Population Makeup
  Income Levels
  Bank Deposits
  Retail Sales
  Incidence of Diseases
  Crime Data
  Traffic Count
  Ethnic Makeup
  Find out the demographics of a specific location before you move to that location. Businesses use demographic data to segment their markets and target marketing campaigns to dramatically increase response rates. 
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*Only residents who have lived more than one year in the town/city are considered for this report.



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