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Doctor Background Check / Screen Doctor
  Search background information on any Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the USA. You can also search background information on Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Veterinarians and Chiropractors. Information on Dentists and Chiropractors is available by state. Most of us do more research when we buy a car or a television set than when we choose a doctor and a hospital. That may be because may people do not know how to compare doctors, how to research their background and what questions to ask. All doctors are not alike. Doctors vary in quality and expertise due to differences in their training, experience and services. These differences in quality become greater and matter more when you need sophisticated medical care for a complex condition. A surgeon, for example, who performs a complex procedure often, has better success with it than a surgeon who does the same procedure only occasionally. The complication rate and the death rate for the same procedure may differ from one surgeon to another. Since you are selecting a doctor for issues regarding health and medicine, don't be embarrassed or reluctant to ask the doctor about his or her qualifications, experience and continuing education.
  Background Check Reports Generally Search:

Doctors Full Name, Current Address of the Doctors Practice, Doctors Academic Background, Any Awards or Honors received by the Doctor, States where the Doctor is Licensed to Practice or ever held a License, Doctors Specialty and Doctors Certifications in that Specialty, Year of National Board Certification, Doctors Professional Activity History, Residency Training (Hospital Name, Dates of Training & Specialty), Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration Status, Any Medicare of Medicaid Sanctions against the Doctor, Any Actions against the Doctor taken by  State Medical Disciplinary Boards, USA Nationwide Criminal records, Civil Court records Search, Bankruptcy Court Search, Real Property Search, Aliases used, Any Complaints, Rumors, Awards

*Practice history of Doctors can be searched as an additional option. Practice history includes malpractice claims or suits filed against the doctor.
Ten things your Hospital wont tell you..
  What are your options if you have problems with your Doctor?
Each state has its own medical board and a complaint against a physician must be filed with the state medical board in which the physician does business. State medical boards have their own requirements and forms for filing complaints. Filing a complaint with a medical board is not a legal action. You should talk to a lawyer to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit. If you believe that a physician has engaged in any behavior that can be classified as criminal behavior then you should contact the district attorney in the jurisdiction where the doctor practices. Please understand that state medical boards are usually made up of physicians. Members of State medical boards are usually doctors and therefore there is an inherent conflict and state medical boards generally do not operate in your interest. Board members generally have their loyalties to their profession and they have no vested interest in your welfare. When you have spent much of your life training and working to become a doctor, it is human nature for yourself to believe that doctors are pretty good people. This inherent conflict makes it extremely unlikely that your complaint will result in a doctor being disciplined. In spite of this it is good practise to file a complaint as at the least it could alert future customers of the doctor. The best weapon against bad medicine is openness and public disclosure.

A six-month ABC News, PrimeTime Thursday investigation found that between Cigna and Aetna, more than 150 doctors on their provider lists for the New York City, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles areas had been disciplined by state medical authorities in the last 10 years for a wide range of offenses. More than 70 had been disciplined for medical negligence or incompetence, including two surgeons who had operated on the wrong knee. Others were cited for substance abuse, sexual misconduct, fraud, poor record-keeping and over-prescribing drugs. Statistics indicate that about 180,000 people die each year as a result of doctor induced injury.
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