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  How can I find new Customers?  
  Customer Profiler helps you find new customers for your business. It will extract people and/or businesses that match the profile of your current customers. This will provide you with a list of prospective customers who could have already bought products similar to yours, have a need for your product or are more inclined to buy your product or service. You'll have a highly targeted prospect list to work from. For example, you wouldn't try to sell a fur coat to an animal activist or a pack of cigarettes to a health advocate. Customer profiling also helps reduce spam and junk mail as it enables you to only send information that is relevant to people.

Some of the categories in which lists are available: New homeowners, Mortgages, New Businesses, Foreclosures, Foreclosures Sales,  Tax sales for property, Bankruptcies, Judgments,  Lis pendens, Building permits, State & Federal tax liens, Divorces, Mechanic liens, Criminal Misdemeanors, Felony arrests,  DUI arrests,  Suspended & revoked licenses, Probate cases, Name changes, Forcible detainers, Income, Age group, Profession, Marital status etc..

IBM is one of many companies tapping into what many believe is the next big step in target marketing � online Psychological and behavioral tracking. Tracking's goal is to know so much about consumers' interests and preferences that every product for which they see a banner ad, email, or sales pitch will be one they really, really want to buy. "It's a pretty exciting future," says Bill Daniel, senior vice president of products at Vignette, an ebusiness application provider and maker of tracking software that allows retailers to target customers. How exciting? "It goes to infinity," he purrs.Infinity, predictably enough, is a long way off, but that hasn't stopped marketers from salivating. Vignette is one of a few companies (along with net.Genesis and Net Perceptions, among others) that offers "collaborative filtering" software. The software can compile purchasing information on lots of customers, pool them into like-minded groups, and then use the preferences of some to predict the buying habits of others.

For example, say two people who have never met buy a few of the same CDs over time. Would it stand to reason that they might have similar musical tastes? Collaborative filtering bets a marketer can predict that if one buyer likes a particular CD, then the other will like it as well. The obvious plus for marketers is that they have the sudden ability to make dead-on sales recommendations in real time. Multiply the principle by millions of consumers, and the prospects become compelling. "This is a boon for marketers," says Gary Arlen, president of Bethesda, Md.-based Arlen Communications. "The old days of up-selling was pretty much about what sales clerks needed to push. Now, marketers can start making guesses on single data points. This is all about focus, and the Web enables it."

Target marketing and segmentation is as old as direct mail, but the Internet allows marketers to spread data widely and seamlessly. And while direct mail requires time to tally information and target products to consumers in future mailings, cyberspace is a real-time phenomenon, allowing finely tuned up-selling to occur right at the point of sale. In a virtual world, where "driving" to the next retail store is as easy as clicking a mouse, such flexibility has become vital. "Not only do your sales increase, but loyalty increases as well," says Ken Stockman, vice president and general manager of ecommerce for iGo.com, an online mobile technology outfitter geared to business travelers.

Customer Profiling is one of the best prospecting tools. By applying profiling techniques, you can fully exploit data about customers buying patterns and behavior and gain a greater understanding of consumer motivations. Customer Profiling helps to dramatically increase response rates of your marketing campaigns by micro targeting the right customer with the right product. Businesses today are using profiling to reduce fraud, to anticipate demand, to increase new customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Customer Profiling is also used to develop lifelong relationships with Customers by anticipating and fulfilling their needs. Consumers appreciate a personal touch and something they can act on. When the message matches the need, the conversion rates for sales can skyrocket.

A wide range of businesses use Customer Profiling

  • Nokia the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world uses psychological profiling to understand consumer needs and drive their business strategy.
  • Telecommunications, stock exchanges and credit card and insurance companies use profiling to detect fraud, optimize marketing campaigns, and identify the most profitable strategies.
  • The medical industry uses profiling to predict the effectiveness of surgical procedures, medical tests and medications.
  • Retailers use profiling to assess the effectiveness of coupons and special events, and predict which offers are most appropriate for different consumers
  Several technology industry powerhouses have banded together to form a single standard to exchange customer profile data within an enterprise and between companies. The standard, called Customer Profile Exchange, or CPEX, is a consortium that includes Oracle, Siebel Systems, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Intuit and several others that are hoping to make the exchange of customer data between different types of applications much easier. The idea behind CPEX is to develop a technology standard that makes it easier for companies to exchange data relating to a customer's purchasing patterns, preferences, characteristics, technical problems and any information that can be garnered from online or offline transactions. The standard would help companies exchange data not only with other companies, but also between different departments in their own businesses, providing a more unified view of the customer within an organization. That way the call center and the marketing department, for example, would have the same knowledge about a customer and could plan strategies accordingly..
The more easily customer information is exchanged, the better a company can market to its customers and provide better service, which boosts sales. For the customer, it means better personalization and service, according to CPEX marketing committee co-chairs Brad Husick, vice president of standards and evangelism at Vignette, and Matthew Cutler, co-founder and chief e-business intelligence officer at net.Genesis.



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