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  License Check / Verify License / Screen License
Each profession operates by a set of laws, rules, and regulations. Licensing process helps to ensure that only qualified individuals are authorized to serve the people of a state or province. Sometimes licensed professionals do not meet the standards of conduct required of them. Professional misconduct can include the following: Engaging in acts of incompetence or negligence Failing to return or provide copies of records on request Practicing under the influence of alcohol or other drugs Being sexually or physically abusive Practicing beyond the scope of the profession Abandoning or neglecting a patient in need of immediate care Performing unnecessary work or unauthorized services Charging for work not done. Licenses are checked and verified by state or province using Name or License Number. Available for USA and Canada. Results provide details on the license status of any of the following professionals.
    Licenses - Accountants 
    Licenses - Accounting - Court Cases 
    Licenses - Accounting - Disciplinary Hearings & Actions 
    Licenses - Accounting Firms 
    Licenses - Acupuncturists 
    Licenses - Ambulances - by County 
    Licenses - Ambulances - by Name 
    Licenses - Anesthesiologist Assistants 
    Licenses - Architects 
    Licenses - Athletic Trainers 
    Licenses - Attorneys 
    Licenses - Auctioneers 
    Licenses - Audiology 
    Licenses - Auto Body Shops 
    Licenses - Backflow Testers 
    Licenses - Bedding Chemical Distributors 
    Licenses - Beer/Wine Manufacturers & Products 
    Licenses - Boiler Contractors 
    Licenses - Boilers 
    Licenses - Cemetery Workers 
    Licenses - Check Casher Lenders 
    Licenses - Check Cashers 
    Licenses - Child Care Facilities 
    Licenses - Chiropractors 
    Licenses - Coil Cleaners 
    Licenses - Construction Project Approval 
    Licenses - Construction Projects 
    Licenses - Consumer Financial 
    Licenses - Contractor - Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
    Licenses - Contractor - Electrical 
    Licenses - Contractor - Heating (HVAC) 
    Licenses - Contractor - Hydronics 
    Licenses - Contractor - Plumbing 
    Licenses - Contractor - Refrigeration 
    Licenses - Contractor - Ventilating (HVAC) 
    Licenses - Cosmetic Therapists 
    Licenses - Cosmetology Schools 
    Licenses - Counselors 
    Licenses - Credit Services 
    Licenses - Dentists, Hygienists & Assistants 
    Licenses - Driver Intervention Programs 
    Licenses - Electrical Safety Inspectors 
    Licenses - Engineering Companies 
    Licenses - Engineers 
    Licenses - Fire Protection System Designers 
    Licenses - Fireworks Manufacturers 
    Licenses - Fireworks Wholesalers 
    Licenses - Healthcare Provider Facilities 
    Licenses - Household Goods Carriers (pdf) 
    Licenses - Insurance - Disciplinary Actions 
    Licenses - Insurance Agencies 
    Licenses - Insurance Agents 
    Licenses - Liquor - Active Permit Holders 
    Licenses - Liquor - Authorized Agencies 
    Licenses - Liquor - Canceled Permits 
    Licenses - Liquor - Enforcement Reports 
    Licenses - Liquor - New 
    Licenses - Liquor - Permits in Safekeeping 
    Licenses - Liquor - Registered Solicitors 
    Licenses - Liquor - Temporary 
    Licenses - Lobbyists 
    Licenses - Local Telephone Companies 
    Licenses - Massage Therapists 
    Licenses - Mental/Developmental Disability Facilities Vacancies 
    Licenses - Mental/Developmental Disability Providers - Abusers 
    Licenses - Mental/Developmental Disability Providers/Facilities 
    Licenses - Minority-Owned Business Service Providers 
    Licenses - Mortgage Brokers 
    Licenses - Nurses 
    Licenses - Nursing Homes 
    Licenses - Occupational Therapists 
    Licenses - Oil & Gas Wells 
    Licenses - Optical Dispensers 
    Licenses - Optometrists 
    Licenses - Pawn Brokers 
    Licenses - Pharmacists & Pharmacy Interns 
    Licenses - Pharmacy - Terminal Drug Distributors 
    Licenses - Pharmacy - Wholesale Drug Distributors 
    Licenses - Physical Therapists 
    Licenses - Physicians - Disciplinary Actions 
    Licenses - Physicians - Disciplined 
    Licenses - Physicians - by Name/License Number 
    Licenses - Physicians by Specialty/County 
    Licenses - Plumbing Inspectors 
    Licenses - Podiatrists by County 
    Licenses - Podiatrists by Name or License Number 
    Licenses - Podiatrists by Specialty & Area 
    Licenses - Precious Metals 
    Licenses - Premium Finance 
    Licenses - Private Investigators 
    Licenses - Proprietary Schools 
    Licenses - Psychologists 
    Licenses - Real Estate Agents 
    Licenses - Real Estate Agents - Foreign 
    Licenses - Real Estate Appraisers 
    Licenses - Regulated Utility Companies 
    Licenses - Respiratory Therapists 
    Licenses - Second Mortgage 
    Licenses - Security Guards 
    Licenses - Small Loans 
    Licenses - Social Workers 
    Licenses - Speech/Language Pathologists 
    Licenses - Surveying Companies 
    Licenses - Surveyors 
    Licenses - Teachers 
    Licenses - Teaching Certificate Applications 
    Licenses - Underground Storage Tanks (UST) 
    Licenses - Underground Storage Tanks - Corrective Actions 
    Licenses - Underground Storage Tanks - Course Providers 
    Licenses - Underground Storage Tanks - Inspectors 
    Licenses - Underground Storage Tanks - Installers
Radio Operator Maintainer License
Radio Maintainer's License
Restricted Radio Operator License
Radiotelephone Operator License
Amateur License
Aircraft License
Airmen Certification



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