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  Search Possible Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Spouses/Roommates/Relatives
  Searches public records & returns names of girlfriends / boyfriends / roommates / spouses / relatives who possibly lived with the person in last 20 years.
  Search Relatives & Identify their relationships
  Search returns the Names & possible addresses of 1st degree relatives of an individual such as Current & Ex - Spouses, Parents, Brothers, Sisters and Sons & Daughters over 18 years of age identifies the possible relationships between the individuals.
  Marriage and Divorce Background Search
  Getting Married? Do you know that special someone's marriage history? Do you know how many times he/she has been married before? Do you know the divorce history of that special someone? History has a strange way of repeating itself.

Search the marriage background of anyone. Wouldn't you like to know how many times someone was married? When they were married and how long did their marriage last.

Search Divorce background of anyone.. Wouldn't you like to know how many divorces someone has had in their life. When they were divorced and how long did their last marriage last.

Are you thinking of marriage and feeling uneasy, having doubts, having the feeling that something just doesn't feel right? Are you suspecting that there is someone else? You can search if that special someone is already married or divorced.

Marriage and Divorce records are two separate matters of record. Chances are, both need not be checked. Both are generally kept by County. Records are available from most states. When records are available and are found, they typically reveal the following: Marriage Records: Marriage Records reveal if the subject has married. When and where, the names of the bride and groom and their ages at the time of the marriage. The license number may also be revealed. Divorce Records: Divorce Records reveal if the subject is legally divorced. When and where filings were made and names of the parties involved. A case number is also usually revealed. If a divorce is found, you may want to obtain some documentation from that file. Important issues to look for are domestic violence, restraining orders, child custody, property and other settlement issues.

Please provide the following information about the Subject: Full Name (include middle name or initial) Date of Birth Current Address Previous Address (complete or city/state) Any specific identifying information you may have If you are certain which County to check and if you have knowledge of a possible spouses name, please provide that as well.

  Dating Romance Background Check

Marriage and Divorce records in the available states and counties.

Names of girlfriends / boyfriends / roommates / spouses / relatives who possibly lived with or shared same mailing address in last 20 years and possible time frame of having same mailing address. Ownership of Motor Vehicles, ATV's, Boats, Aircrafts, Businesses, Corporations, LLC's, Houses, Buildings, Real Estate. Returns assets associated with name or address and Income, Purchasing or shopping demographics associated with name or address. Motor Vehicles-Only Make, Model and Year. Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal, Civil, Dismissed, Pending cases, Lawsuits, Charges, Judgments, Convictions, Dispositions and other Court Records Search. Searches Criminal & Civil court records, Judgments, Dispositions, Pending and Dismissed cases, Lawsuits, Filing dates, Closing dates, Filing types, Case Numbers, Party Names, Case Summaries, Charges and Attorney Names as available, bankruptcies and other court dockets. You can even find if a case has been filed with the court within 1 to 4 business days. Search includes multiple criminal record sources such as State dockets, Federal & Appellate court dockets, Supreme Court dockets, County court dockets, sex offender registries, department of corrections, municipal jurisdictions, federal fugitive files, small claims courts, federal courts, state courts, supreme courts, district courts, family courts, appeals courts, traffic courts in states available, state and county criminal record repositories, prison parole and release files, probation records, records from other state agencies and Interpol public records. INTERPOL is the world's largest international police organization spanning 186 member countries. It enables international police co-operation across national boundaries.




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